This was not my first financing rodeo. I have raised >$500m over the years in early stage venture, late stage venture, debt and two IPOs. I have used all manner of consultants to help with financings. While many of these have been helpful in their small specific area, I had yet to find someone who was a real partner to me as CEO. Until Brandt and Co. Brandt & Co. had a very organized process which was a serious upgrade to our existing process. They took the time to really understand our business and work through the messaging, investor personas, and materials. Even with over 25 years of fundraising experience myself, I learned quite a bit through this process. I would definitely hire Brandt again and recommend any startup use them to upgrade your financing.

Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs | $6M in 2019 revenue

I had the privilege of working with Brandt & Co. to assess the full depth and scope of our intellectual property assets. Clayton and the Brandt technology team offer world-class depth on an array of cutting-edge topics like blockchain and machine vision. Additionally, Jourdan’s advice and perspective on strategic hiring and product decisions have been invaluable. Their professionalism and expertise, along with a business approach based on trust, transparency, and excellent communication, make Brandt & Co. an essential partner for startups and early-stage companies.

George Gospodinov, CTO of stealth retail startup | >$40M ICO

Jourdan has an old man’s wisdom alongside a young man’s energy. Though he is much younger, I often turn to Jourdan for the benefit of his clear thinking and his shockingly deep knowledge on many topics. I’m surrounded by smart people, but Jourdan is a singularity.

Mike Edelhardt, General Partner, Social Starts VC & Joyance Partners | $85M funds under mgmt

"Jourdan provided invaluable help with our pitch deck + coaching that led to a $2mm seed. Whether it's help hiring or managing cash, his advice is bizarrely helpful!"

Kelly Peeler, CEO of NextGenVest | $2M Series Seed- Acquired by CommonBond

"Brandt & Co. have provided significant assistance, guidance, and tangible help for us at our early stage startup. We will be lucky to have them advising us as we scale. Jourdan is extremely competent, intelligent, and knows how to leverage his experience and extensive network to help his clients."

Jason Ovryn, COO, Carry | $1M Seed Round

"Over the years Jourdan has provided consistent and clear guidance on a variety of tough founder decisions from product scope, go-to-market strategy to fundraising. My team frequently leaves our discussions with Jourdan energized and with a much better defined action plan."

Will Brook, CEO of Fontmoji | $1.5M Seed Round

“We owe a big part of our success in our most recent round of financing to expertise brought by Jourdan and his experts. We got real quality time with Jourdan to refine our pitch, and our product team enjoyed working with his technical advisors to get the code base and roadmap in shape for institutional scrutiny.”

NYC Startup, CEO | $5M Series A

Jourdan and his team brought rigor to our diligence process. As a result of their work, we were able to make smart passes on a few initially tantalizing machine learning opportunities. We later contracted with Brandt & Co. to conduct product workshops with 2 portfolio companies, which were fruitful and well received.

CA Family Office, Partner | >$2B under mgmt