We believe a strong brand communicates a sense of purpose. An effective brand must express  its mission, understand its position in the marketplace, and speak with one voice. The brand  identity—its name and graphic representation—establishes your company’s visible presence  while setting crucial expectations for the brand experience.

As founders, we all experienced what it’s like to spend precious money on a brand identity only  to discard it, starting over fresh every time we pivoted or designed a new user interface. We’ve  wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on brands that couldn’t grow with us, weren’t well  executed, or didn’t stand up to competitive pressure. The stress of stepping up through  successively better wordmarks and brand bibles is a distraction and a cash drain.

When we set out to design a branding service line, we knew outcomes like that would be  unacceptable for our clients, so we turned to Michael Donovan and Nancye Green. Their group,  Donovan/Green, has been the design powerhouse behind disruptive and household brands  alike – from Barney’s to AmEx to American Girl. We’ve put our heads together to develop a  6-week program delivering a brand that will work as hard as you do.



We begin by listening. It is imperative that we understand our clients’ needs and help  them define what success would look like. We collaborate to identify what makes our  client’s offerings unique. We craft the narrative that articulates that vision. Finally, we  create a road-map to guarantee that we deliver on the goals we’ve established together.


We deploy conceptualization, design thinking, and problem solving to shape the  message and brand visuals. We iterate, refine and bring a laser focus to satisfy the  objectives we’ve established with our clients. We leverage our decades of experience to  arrive at solutions proven to have impact.


A brand mark and its supporting messaging are only as effective as its reach. We link  discovery to design innovation with a comprehensive brand bible. We identify the right  channels to effectively promote your brand to the audience we have defined. We test  execution against our shared objectives to measure our success.

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

CEO, Donovan/Green

Decades-long career as a pioneer in American graphic arts. Vice-Chairman, Parsons School of Design. Board member, American Institute of Graphic Arts. Advisor @ Aspen Design Conference. NEA Fellow.
Nancye Green

Nancye Green

Chief  Strategist, Donovan/Green

Designed and produced experiences in multiple media for diverse clientele including the American Museum of Natural history, IBM, GM, P&G, Sony, and American Girl. Formerly CEO & Chairman, Waterworks.
Heather Furman

Heather Furman

Executive Creative Director 

Extensive experience developing, deploying, and managing in-depth brand and communication strategies for demanding clients. American Graphic Design Award winner. BFA, MD Institute College of Art.