CONVERSION: messaging for revenue

Communication is the storefront where startups and their stakeholders transact. But making the shift from raise-focused comms to messaging that works for driving revenue is far from trivial. Our messaging service line is not a creatively-driven identity exercise with amorphous goals.

Rather, we take a zero-based approach to the way you communicate with customers. Together, we’ll build an ideal customer persona to serve as our source of truth. Then, we’ll determine what messaging strategy is necessary to reach these prized revenue drivers. We’ll write smart copy around that strategy and test it with live ammo, repeating the process until we see results.



Startups are driven by their urgency to deliver. This makes sense. With few resources, it’s vital to reach the next milestone as quickly as possible. That is why we first analyze a startup’s current-state messaging strategy.

We look at every touchpoint, every available customer metric, every piece of writing that’s issued externally, and many that are written internally. How do customers interpret the story? Is there consistency in the touchpoints? Where does the story come from and how has it changed?

This is done all with the expressed intent of knowing where we’re starting. We want to assess what’s in place and what could be working better. Startups have limited resources. Analyzing the current state lets us use precision to guide resources towards where they’ll have the biggest impact on revenues.


Once we know what we need to edit, we want to ensure that we have the best option set to select from. Expanding the option set with productive brainstorming allows us to separate the necessary from the superfluous. Then, we explore options in which vital agreed-upon constraints are met. Using a design approach, we reserve judgment and accelerate ideation.

This approach allows us to, within the world of each unique startup, discover ideas that were simply waiting to be found. These ideas spark tactical copy for product pages, conversion instruments, targeted advertising, and more.


Did our new copy work? If it worked, why did it work? And if not, why not?

We test our edits. This enables all of us to believe in the process without trusting it blindly. We know if the proverbial tree fell in the woods, it fell because together we made a positive change. You know that your money didn’t get wasted on pretty creative.

The testing we implement is both quantitative and qualitative. It involves the startup throughout, allowing us to approach the hypothesis without attachment. Given the speed of the process, we can quickly re-iterate and test again. Specific words, images, or even layouts: all are A/B tested with live ammunition and reviewed with a fine-toothed comb.

This process is arduous, but it has a track record of driving revenue and building enviable brands.



Kevin Rustagi

Kevin Rustagi

Engagement Manager

Hardware engineer turned startup marketing guru. Co-founded Ministry of Supply from his MIT dorm room, setting the kickstarter record and generating millions in revenue. Formerly product engineering @ Apple, BSc MIT, MBA Stanford GSB, MSc Stanford Mech Eng.
Aaron Foreman

Aaron Foreman


Led content & digital marketing at Sonos, created novel marketing strategies for Universal and Sony in the early days of the internet music revolution.
Dan Korpman

Dan Korpman


One of the world's leading business development specialists with an emphasis on strategic partnerships development. Ex-GE and UBS, primary architect of fintech unicorn Acorn's BD strategy. B.S. VA Tech


"Jourdan provided invaluable help with our pitch deck + coaching that led to a $2mm seed. Whether it's help hiring or managing cash, his advice is bizarrely helpful!"

Kelly Peeler, CEO of NextGenVest | $2M Series Seed- Acquired by CommonBond

"Brandt & Co. have provided significant assistance, guidance, and tangible help for us at our early stage startup. We will be lucky to have them advising us as we scale. Jourdan is extremely competent, intelligent, and knows how to leverage his experience and extensive network to help his clients."

Jason Ovryn, COO, Carry | $1M Seed Round

"Over the years Jourdan has provided consistent and clear guidance on a variety of tough founder decisions from product scope, go-to-market strategy to fundraising. My team frequently leaves our discussions with Jourdan energized and with a much better defined action plan."

Will Brook, CEO of Fontmoji | $1.5M Seed Round

“We owe a big part of our success in our most recent round of financing to expertise brought by Jourdan and his experts. We got real quality time with Jourdan to refine our pitch, and our product team enjoyed working with his technical advisors to get the code base and roadmap in shape for institutional scrutiny.”

NYC Startup, CEO | $5M Series A