It may be tempting to look at Digital Marketing as a brand-new industry with no ties to traditional Marketing and Sales, but we believe something simpler. Digital Marketing is the inevitable evolution of the same thing marketers and salespeople have been doing for centuries – putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.
With the rise of new marketing technology over the last decade, it has never been easier than it is now to reach your target audience with a customized message at the time and place most relevant to them.


1. Messaging

The message you present to the world is the most critical element of your marketing strategy. Without a clear message, your product or service lacks apparent relevance to any audience, let alone your target audience. Therefore, defining your message means having a clear vision of the next steps in the marketing process, and constantly refining the words and images you use to convey your value proposition through testing is critical.

2. Audiences & Targeting

Once your message is clarified, the next step in developing your marketing strategy is to identify your target audience – the people who will be most interested in what you are selling. A better understanding of your audience means the messaging you’ve worked so hard to perfect will have a greater impact, and your ads will resonate with the people who see them – all translating into better results at lower advertising costs.

3. Process & Tactics

With a defined message and engaged audience, the last piece of the puzzle is the implementation. Regardless of what platform you’re working from, there are three critical pieces of modern marketing tactics. – 1) tracking the people who engage with your ads and content, 2) analyzing the results of your campaigns, 3) and using those insights to optimize your campaigns for even stronger results in the future.


Kevin Rustagi

Kevin Rustagi

Engagement Manager

Hardware engineer turned startup marketing guru. Co-founded Ministry of Supply from his MIT dorm room, setting the kickstarter record and generating millions in revenue. Formerly product engineering @ Apple, BSc MIT, MBA Stanford GSB, MSc Stanford Mech Eng.
Alec Urbach

Alec Urbach


Digital tactician specializing in product launches and messenger marketing. Former strategist @ Zynga & DigitalMarketer. Managed paid social for Deepak Chopra. Keynote speaker TEDxRedmond, TEDxSantaMonica. B.A. Princeton.
Aaron Foreman

Aaron Foreman


Led content & digital marketing at Sonos, created novel marketing strategies for Universal and Sony in the early days of the internet music revolution.


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