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Getting oriented to an entirely new market can be a daunting task. The Dunning-Kruger effect can be pernicious, convincing us that we have arms around a sector just as we’re stepping out of our depth. Traditional means of getting a 10,000 foot perspective are comprised of copious blog-reading, podcast-listening, and phoning around for friends who might know experts.

Almost everything we do at Brandt & Co. is anchored on a market study, from our startup diligence to our messaging services for founders. We partner with Radicle on these studies, because they write the best private-market research in the world.

This new standalone market study service line is perfect for the investor with a curiosity in a new space who hasn’t built up conviction yet. Rather than recycling reports, we custom-bake them every time, taking into account up-to-the-minute evolutions and the unique perspective of the individual client. From this source of understanding, we can build investment theses and draw insights for your portfolio.

1) Objective-Setting

The Market Study is only a useful object in the context of the objectives of its consumers. We spend time getting to know our clients so we can direct the report at their areas of actionable interest. There’s no room here for generic documents that sit around un-used. By targeting the research and writing at known “big questions” we set the report up for usefulness.

2) Research

In addition to in-house subject matter experts, we maintain an expensive and useful library of primary resources. Our analysts are able to mine these human and data resources to assemble a point of view on market size, opportunities, risks, key players, and more. Our team comes from the highest levels of the public markets world, and understands the value of visualization. As we come across actionable insights, we highlight them with appropriate data graphics to enable consensus-building and sharing.

3) Follow-Through

A common complaint amongst clients of business consultant is that when the study is complete, they’re simply emailed a document and left to their own devices. Every Brandt/Radicle market study is delivered with an hour-long videoconference and executive summary. We remain on call to answer clarifying questions and guide you on the implementation of the study’s insights.

Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen


Writer, researcher, and investor. VC analysis for Social Starts, Joyance Partners, and other boutique firms. B.A. in Philosophy at Columbia.
Christian Kaczmarczyk

Christian Kaczmarczyk


Venture investor @ AVG Blockchain Fund & Bascom Ventures.
Stu Wilson

Stu Wilson

Partner, Market Research

Research wonk dedicated to clarifying market opportunities for discerning clients. Focus on helping companies understand & engage with the emerging landscape. Parter @ boutique startup factory PreHype (Bark, Roman, Managed by Q).


Jourdan has an old man’s wisdom alongside a young man’s energy. Though he is much younger, I often turn to Jourdan for the benefit of his clear thinking and his shockingly deep knowledge on many topics. I’m surrounded by smart people, but Jourdan is a singularity.

Mike Edelhardt, General Partner, Social Starts VC & Joyance Partners | $85M funds under mgmt

Jourdan and his team brought rigor to our diligence process. As a result of their work, we were able to make smart passes on a few initially tantalizing machine learning opportunities. We later contracted with Brandt & Co. to conduct product workshops with 2 portfolio companies, which were fruitful and well received.

CA Family Office, Partner | >$2B under mgmt