As a firm built around the core offering of due diligence for startup investors, we see a  staggering number of investment opportunities. Our unique vantage point of being active  participants and observers in a wide variety of early stage funding rounds has led to accelerated  pattern recognition on what works and doesn’t work for entrepreneurs trying to raise money.

Since the Pitch Perfect service line launched in late 2018, it has rapidly become our second  most popular offering, behind our diligence services for investors. In 6 weeks, we completely  overhaul a startup’s fundraising process from the strategy to the deck to the pitch. This is a  transformative experience that requires serious time commitment from the client team as well  as a willingness to abandon sunk costs on previous strategies. For the startups who commit to  the system and work the process, results can rapidly become starkly obvious. A Southwestern  mobility company raised $10MM in 2 months. A midwestern AI startup closed $7MM in a  similar timeframe.

Due to the outsized demand for this service line, and the sensitivity of working on an active  raise, we have begun gating clients for Pitch Perfect. We want to ensure that you’re at a stage  where you’ll get the most out of the engagement, and we also need to know that our value  systems are aligned.


1. Strategy

The secret sauce of our fundraising system is in developing a strategy that prioritizes opportunities to build trust with investors. Founders can build that trust by selecting the right investors, reaching out to them effectively, and setting up achievable milestones. It can be intimidating to start a raise from scratch. We attack the raise head-on by working backwards from ideal investors, to the fundamentals they’ll need to see, to the illustration of those fundamentals into materials, and finally to the communication of those materials.

2. Materials

There are a lot of opinions on how to build a good fundraising deck. Our process looks beyond one single document to the constellation of materials that will be involved throughout the raise process. Putting thought into the deck, one pager, blurb, custom emails, landing pages, and even data room can make the difference between a smooth raise and one which operates in fits and starts. Our focus is on communicating inevitability of success through a storyline reflected in the main deck as well as the cadence of communication. We employ the same designers we’ve trusted for a decade, including ex-McKinsey graphic talent and leading startup branding authorities.

3. Follow-through

An optimized strategy and set of materials only gets you as far as the first meeting. You’ll work with one of our pitch coaches to get your presentation tight, and learn how to navigate the more conversational fundraising environment that dominates early stage capital today. Together, we’ll create email templates and tracking tools to ensure follow-up is smooth, and we’ll make sure the ball doesn’t get fumbled in the endzone.


Jourdan Urbach

Jourdan Urbach

Managing Partner

Helped build McKinsey’s New Ventures Tech Accelerator. Former CTO @ Mass Lab Inc. & Dir. R&D @ Mimedia. Previously, neuroscience researcher @ HarvardMed and @ MIT Broad Institute. B.A. Yale.
Romi Kadri

Romi Kadri


Managed innovation at Sonos. Former engineer, Rolls Royce Power. Serial entrepreneur with four profitable exits. Partner at Capella, B.S. MIT.
Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen


Writer, researcher, and investor. VC analysis for Social Starts, Joyance Partners, and other boutique firms. B.A. in Philosophy at Columbia.


"Jourdan provided invaluable help with our pitch deck + coaching that led to a $2mm seed. Whether it's help hiring or managing cash, his advice is bizarrely helpful!"

Kelly Peeler, CEO of NextGenVest | $2M Series Seed- Acquired by CommonBond

“We owe a big part of our success in our most recent round of financing to expertise brought by Jourdan and his experts. We got real quality time with Jourdan to refine our pitch, and our product team enjoyed working with his technical advisors to get the code base and roadmap in shape for institutional scrutiny.”

NYC Startup, CEO | $5M Series A

"Brandt & Co. have provided significant assistance, guidance, and tangible help for us at our early stage startup. We will be lucky to have them advising us as we scale. Jourdan is extremely competent, intelligent, and knows how to leverage his experience and extensive network to help his clients."

Jason Ovryn, COO, Carry | $1M Seed Round

"Over the years Jourdan has provided consistent and clear guidance on a variety of tough founder decisions from product scope, go-to-market strategy to fundraising. My team frequently leaves our discussions with Jourdan energized and with a much better defined action plan."

Will Brook, CEO of Fontmoji | $1.5M Seed Round