Your online properties are the primary way new customers and partners get to know you. It’s critically important that they represent your message and values clearly and professionally. It’s hard to make the argument that you are unique when your homepage looks like a carbon copy of every squarespace site. As startup founders ourselves, we’ve experienced the costly and disheartening merrygoround of trying to source talented – let alone competent – web development.

In the past, we’ve referred our clients to a variety of trusted partners. However, in recognition of the criticality of this function, we’ve co-developed a service line with our longtime collaborators at Telegraph Creative. Our team members have seen Telegraph overdeliver on 10 years of projects, and have absolute confidence in their ability to execute reliably and economically. Their team is based in Birmingham, AL using exclusively US talent on Eastern Standard time.

This web development service line combines the design & engineering horsepower of Telegraph with the strategy and pattern recognition of Brandt & Co. In so doing, we aim to get your online presence right the first time, leaving you with a flexible platform that can grow with you and your business. Whether it’s a landing page or a complex e-commerce storefront, this is your new one-stop-shop for web dev.

Our Process

1. Discovery

We begin the process of creating your website by learning about your business. We work with you to understand top-level business drivers and audience requirements. Based on that understanding, we begin a deeper exploration of user, admin, and system flow. From there our team builds a recommendation for the appropriate platforms and a list of estimated “story level” features, whether it is for a website or mobile applications. After we have agreed on a feature list, we build out an overview site map and individual wireframes for key screens defining key UX interactions, content placement, and navigation. Following UX approval, we move into screen design while concurrently moving forward with technology platform decisions, any necessary 3rd party vendor selection, and initial site and app account and setup steps.

2. Development

During development, we follow agile best-practices. During sprints, generally lasting two weeks at a time, we progress through a prioritized group of feature “stories” which are built, tested, and then deployed. All of this process is completely transparent to your team, and we decide on stories together.

We work with you throughout this process, prioritizing features as business objectives change. A formal testing period using a staging site follows the conclusion of the last sprint. The product is released once everyone on the team signs off.

3. Deployment

Once tested and developed, a maintenance period follows the initial release of the site or app, where any discovered issues are prioritized and scheduled. Subsequent releases may be phased in to address functionality which will be pushed out from the original release or added later. These releases follow the same sprint cycle and approval process. We may then collaborate on a knowledge transfer to hand over development to a client based team or stay on in a design and development role.

Our People

Kevin McLendon

Kevin McLendon

CEO, Telegraph

Kevin is the CEO of Telegraph Creative, helping brands and businesses with brand strategy, content, design, full stack development, digital strategy, and much more in the creative meets digital marketing space.
John Cobbs

John Cobbs

Dir. Development, Telegraph

Two decades of experience building enterprise-scale webapps. Created tech solutions for AmEx, Xerox, IBM, HP, UPS, Caterpillar, and Regions Bank. React Native expert. Led tech for 2 startups acquired by Salesforce and Sapient.


"Brandt & Co. have provided significant assistance, guidance, and tangible help for us at our early stage startup. We will be lucky to have them advising us as we scale. Jourdan is extremely competent, intelligent, and knows how to leverage his experience and extensive network to help his clients."

Jason Ovryn, COO, Carry | $1M Seed Round

"Over the years Jourdan has provided consistent and clear guidance on a variety of tough founder decisions from product scope, go-to-market strategy to fundraising. My team frequently leaves our discussions with Jourdan energized and with a much better defined action plan."

Will Brook, CEO of Fontmoji | $1.5M Seed Round