Right Hook

I’m going to ask you for a favor today. I’m also going to tell you a decent story.

In the winter of 2013, I was sick as a dog and wearing a tuxedo in Gary Vaynerchuk’s office. I had just Irish’d early from a fancypants charity dinner and was now pitching my heart out in his empty Flatiron offices. Gary wasn’t a huge fan of the pitch, but he liked that I sounded like batman. He told me he was working on a book called jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab right hook. That’s right – 11 jabs, and a right hook. He was ticked off that his publisher only wanted 3 jabs on the cover. He told me the secret of the content business he had built, the single best piece of advice I’ve ever been given.

The Secret

The secret to his business, Gary said, was delivering value over and over without asking anything in return. For him, that meant putting out free wine tasting notes on youtube, posting daily video blog advice, and religiously answering the hordes of entrepreneurs who reached out to him.

Gary was mystified by the businesses whose every social post seemed to be a hail-Mary haymaker begging for engagement. Who are these people who think asking for likes and follows is the master strategy for business victory? Why don’t they just prove their value instead of demanding fealty?

Over the past 2 years, I hope the Urbach Letter has added some insight - or at least a smile - to your life. During that same time period, we’ve been hard at work building Brandt & Co. from a 4-person tech DD shop into the McKinsey for startups and their investors.

Today we’re launching a brand new website, www.brandt.cc, along with 6 new service lines. In keeping with our ethos of depth over breadth, each one of those service lines is headed up by a thought leader at the top of their field. 

Every one of these new service lines has been tested with unpaid pilots and optimized before we made the decision to bring them to market. You’ll also see products we’ve co-developed with industry leaders and long-standing friends like Donovan/Greene and Elephant Ventures.

We’re still driven by the same mission we were a year ago- increasing the efficiency of early stage capital markets by improving investor diligence and founder performance.

3 Favors to Choose From 

I’m honored that you take the time to read the Letter every other week. I’d consider it a personal favor if you do any of the following:

1. Read. Our partners have put a ton of effort into clarifying and defining their service lines. Head over to the brand-new brandt.cc and read through some of our offerings for founders and investors. Want to go deeper? Email me for work samples, infographics, and other goodies.

2. Share. The Urbach Letter readership is a diverse mix of business leaders, investors, and friends. If you know someone who you think would enjoy getting the Letter in their inbox, here’s a link you can send them.

3. Introduce. If, after seeing our new service lines, you think of a friend who’d benefit from talking to us, the most valuable thing you can do for our business is to introduce us. If you want some more context on the way we do business beforehand, or you’d like some materials to forward along, please contact me directly.

Cool Thing of the Week

Deck X-Ray

Get your First Deck X-Ray at Cost

I told you this Letter was a right hook. If you’ve been curious about how the talent at Brandt can improve your diligence process or prepare you for a fundraise, our new Deck X-Ray product is worth a look. For Founders, Deck X-Ray is a low-cost, low-commitment way to get real VC feedback on your fundraising deck. For investors, the X-Ray is the easiest way to get specialist input on an investment target. Send us any deck and it’ll come back to you in 48 hrs, heavily marked up, with 5 thoughtful diligence questions, and a list of specific reading material to help you get smart on the sector.

I want you to try this out. The Deck X-Ray is priced at $1400. This link will get your first one for my cost, which is $950. Please don’t share it outside of this community. I’ll leave it live for 30 days. Thanks for giving us a whirl.


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DOWNLOAD a one-pager on our work with founders

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